Sunshine™s Health Food Store & Vegetarian Deli is a cozy neighborhood jewel nestled right across the way from University of Houston™s main campus. Known for its scrumptious vegetarian food, refreshing raw salads, fresh fruit juices and super knowledgeable staff; Sunshine™s has become the all-inclusive one stop shop for wellness education and healthy foods. Opened in 1983 by Vergis Bourgeois better known as “Sunshine”, Sunshine™s was one of the first health food stores serving raw and cooked vegetarian dishes in Houston. Sunshine™s is currently operated by Vergis™s daughter Arga V. Bourgeois, one of Houston™s best raw food and vegetarian chefs who has also produced the ever-popular DVD Raw Food Delights. With over 30 years of providing the community with wellness and health education, Arga is quoted with saying Sunshine™s has evolved over the last three decades into a socially responsible, community minded, lifestyle wellness deli and health store providing vegetarian and raw foods with flavor.

While creating delightful vegetarian and raw food dishes, Sunshine™s Health Food Store is also known for stocking a wealthy inventory of dietary supplements, all natural detoxifiers and hard to find skin care products and grocery items. In addition to healthy food and wellness products, Sunshine™s provides free classes to the community on a variety of health and wellness topics including vegetarian cooking. Sunshine™s feels that providing these classes are a part of their commitment to social responsibility while also providing an eco-friendly and harmonious environment for their employees and customers. Located in a very popular university area of Houston, Sunshine™s stays on the forefront of today™s virtual & tech trends by providing free Wi-Fi for their customers and University of Houston students, and hosts monthly contest via Facebook/Twiter/FourSquare. As Sunshine™s continues to grow, social media will continue to be a huge tool in communicating with their diverse audience including developing their own version of Sunshine™s daily deal perks.

Sunshine’s Vegetarian Deli & Health Food Store
Address: 3102 Old Spanish Trail, Houston, TX 77054
Phone: (713) 643-2884

Official Website:


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