Join us for auditions for our upcoming love story “SKULLS & BUTTERFLIES”!

Synopsis: When Kaiya and Harlem first meet, it’s instant chemistry. But can they get past their emotional baggage to find true love?


Kaiya Coleman – (Lead 22-35 African American female)
Heart of gold, creative, and sassy. Will her baggage chase Mr. Right away?

Harlem Luckain – (Lead 22-35 African American male)
Intelligent, charming, and family-oriented, but the poster child for commitment phobia.

Jackson Reed- (Supporting 22-35 African American male)
Kaiya’s cousin and best friend. Career-driven, loves the ladies, and outspoken.

Jamila Downs- (Supporting 22-35 Race open female)
Kaiya’s best friend, sassy, funny, and ambitious with no time for distractions.

Vanessa Coleman- (Supporting 40-50 African American female)
Kaiya’s mother, wild, sexy, and outspoken, who believes in having a good time.

Mary Luckain – (Supporting 40-55 African American female)
Harlem’s mother, strong, quiet, and emotionally unavailable, haunted by her past mistakes.

Patrick McCoy- (Supporting 22-35 Race open male)
Kaiya’s ex, smooth-talking, sneaky, and successful. Does he want Kaiya back?

Rochelle Duncan- (Supporting 22-35 Race open female)
Harlem’s ex, bitter, outspoken, and beautiful. Has she really moved on?

Dan – (Non-paid role Race open male)
Harlem’s boss.

Come showcase your talent and be a part of this captivating love story. Don’t miss the chance to bring these characters to life!

πŸ“… DATE: August 20, 2023
πŸ“ LOCATION: 525 N Sam Houston Parkway E Suite 220, Houston,TX 77060
πŸ•°οΈ TIME: 12 PM – 4 PM

For more information and to schedule your audition slot, contact jwpcasting@yahoo.com.

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