Retro lo-fi hip hop, meets futuristic G-Funk. One kickback and a whole vibe later, you’ve been introduced to the melodic and melinated lyricism that is Roderick Vonn. Reemerging to music in a new dimension, artist/producer, Roderick Vonn presents his unique brand of soul and rap, while offering his ode to the throwback with his signature talkbox. 

Originating from the city that birthed purple soul and G-funk, multi-dimensional singer/songwriter and producer, Roderick Vonn introduces a synthesis of eclectic sounds cerebrally balanced with head-bobbing 808s and fluid lyricism to hip-hop. With an undeniable track record of captivating audiences from Houston to Los Angeles, his music a sensational blend of R&B, soul and trap with a surprising element of futuristic funk moves the room.

Arriving to the music scene in 2007, Vonn proved to be a crowd-pleaser, offering home-crafted original beats, musicality and a caliber of work likened to the abstract soul of The Native Tongues and Andre 3000. Collaborating with successful acts such as Lizzo in production and performance, Vonn’s stage presence pulsates. As a producer, his beats impressed the ears of Snoop Dogg, Will I.Am as well as Chris Brown to name a notable few. Sought after and a favorite for adiverse breadth of local talent, his production quality has garnered acclaim from seasoned acts, including Devin the Dude and Scarface. Vonn reemerges with his latest project, offering massive appeal and access to what is in trinsically him. #SweaterGodd


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