A satire about being a Black face in a white place.
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Remember when Black movies didn’t neccesarily star a dude in a fat suit and a wig? Or have major plot twists timed to Gospel numbers for no apparent reason? No? Damn…
Well believe it or not there was a time when “Black Art-House” was a thing. When movies like Do The Right Thing, Hollywood Shuffle, and Boyz In Da Hood were breaking box office records as well as making us laugh, cry, and think in ways movies hadn’t before.
The humble producers of DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, a satire about being a black face in a white place, long to bring those days back. But we can’t do it without you!
We pieced together what resources we had to make this trailer in order to entice investors for our planned million dollar feature. Armed with this trailer and your support we plan to make this film a reality. Visit Official Web Site

Director From Houston: Justin Simien is a Los Angeles based producer, writer / director currently working on a slate of original digital programs for Participant Media’s Take Part TV launching this July. In addition to producing, directing and editing numerous shorts and webseries, he has worked on several publicity and marketing campaigns for Focus Features, Paramount Pictures, and Sony Pictures over the last seven years. He anticipates making his feature directorial debut with “Dear White People,” a film he has written.


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