Bayou City Poetry Slam Festival

Savannah Blue Arts & Outreach presents
Bayou City Poetry Slam Festival (#BCPSF)
March 24, 2018

The Bayou City Poetry Slam Festival is the first home grown festival in Houston to feature a poetry slam. Over 40 performance poets from across the region and the nation will compete for cash prizes in a thrilling display of poetic virtuosity. Poetry slam is competitive performance poetry. Since the 1980’s poetry slam has grown as the premier performance poetry genre involving poets performing their original work before judges for Olympic style scores. The very best “slam poets” skillfully emphasize their skill with poetic craft, and then deliver their work with dramatic performances that often leave audiences mesmerized.

Alley Theatre

Saturday , March 24, 2017
Alley Theatre – Hubbard Stage (Downtown)
615 Texas Ave, Houston, Texas 77002

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