Plus Fes+ | Poetry Festival


Plus Fes+: The Everything plus Poetry Festival is a one-day interdisciplinary art event that celebrates raw, innovative, and high-caliber artistic experience and will highlight spoken-word poetry. Plus Fes+ aims to break down barriers around artistic disciplines so that new works can be created. The one-day festival will position spoken-word artists on a level playing field with local visual artists, videographers, DJ’s, musicians, and others to create new works and will showcase the work through a variety of innovative platforms. The goal of Plus Fes+ is interactive impact; the festival will feature poetic photo booths, poetry slams, art installations, and speed writing buskers. By offering a wide variety of entry points, the festival will change the participant’s perception of poetry.


plus fes+: everything plus poetry festival
may 19th, 2017 * doors open 3pm // everything starts 4pm until
Sunset Coffee Building (Downtown) – 1019 Commerce St, Houston, TX 77002
Visit Website Now // #theplusfest // @theplusfest
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